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New Initiative Up: Theatre for Change
Jul 16, by Mikel

Dear nightbankers and friends, we are happy to announce our 5th initiative on the Nightbank plattform: Act4Change from Accra in Ghana approached us and asked the nightbank community to help financing their 'theatre for change'....

What is the Nightbank?

Members of the Nightbank community can book sleeping spaces or invite the world to their home to support development initiatives.

The Nightbank focuses on the struggle for human rights, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability around the world. The organization further supports social- and artistic initiatives which draw attention to these issues.

We are a charitable non-profit organization and independent of any government, corporate or religious influence.

What you can do

Get a good night's sleep and support an Initiative.


Contribute the value of your Space to an Initiative.


Help an Initiative by making a direct donation.


Create shared resources for a community.

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