19. Juli 2018 16:09

Update on the Kenya Initiative
By paz

Hi Nightbankers and friends,

Last year we uploaded our first initiative in Nightbank : “FROM THE ROOF TO THE CUP”, an initiative of the Masai community of Olare Owaang (Kenya) to harvest rainwater using the roof of a primary school and provide safe drinking water for the students all year round. Since then we continued working with the initiator, Josephat Kirrokor, and the school headmaster, Elijah Kisotu, to assess with different local engineering contractors the most locally appropriate solutions and the best quality-price options.

After comparing offers from more than 8 suppliers, we have now selected the supplier offering the best guarantees and quality-price relationship. The selected supplier has valid permits and extensive successful experience in large masonry tanks, including in different schools of Narok county. The construction of a 55m3 masonry water tank in Olare Owaang school will involve engineering and technical staff, local skilled labor and community voluntary work contributions.

We have now been able to reduce the total cost of the project to 7600 EUR,  whilst maintaining a very high standard of quality. We are happy to invite you to review the updated budget and technical specifications on the “View Documents” section in  https://www.nightbank.org/initiative/harvesting-rainwater-kenya-narok-county-kenya/

The dry season has already started in the Masai Mara area and we hope it will be the last one without safe drinking water for the children of Olare Owaang  school.

We have already raised 1035 EUR for this initiative and we need additional support from Nightbankers to make this happen. If you like the project and want to become part of it please help us to spread the word with family and friends or share the initiative on social media. We need more Nightbank members, more direct donations to the initiative and new sleeping spaces that help grow the network all over the world!

Thank you for your support!