Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Nightbank?

Nightbank is a global network that promotes human dignity, environmental conservation and sustainable inclusive development.

Our vision is a world where people open their homes and share their sleeping space to support community-led initiatives around the world. We are independent of any government, corporate or religious influence and are entirely funded by ourselves and our donators.

2. Is there a video animation that explains how Nightbank works?

Yes. You can find our 'how nightbank works' video on our Nightbank youtube channel.

We recommend to share it with your network of friends and supporters when starting an initiative.

3. What is an Initiative?

Initiatives supported by the Nightbank are developed when a community comes together to discuss its needs. Its members deliberate on a specific goal which Nightbank can help generate funds for. This goal represents a shared resource for the members of the community.

The Nightbank believes local solutions are essential to addressing complex global issues. The Nightbank supports a bottom-up and inclusive approach to development. The Nightbank Initiatives range from simple forms of material improvement, to strategic efforts to alleviate conditions of inequality, to rights-based, transnational campaigns.

4. What is a Space?

Nightbank believes that many assets in our personal lives have potential value that often goes unused. Nightbank seeks to take advantage of these "sleeping" assets and convert their value into resources for other communities. For example, sleeping Space is one such asset. Nightbank activates this value by matching unused sleeping Space to users looking for a place to sleep.

5. What is a Sleeper?

A good night’s sleep is crucial to the physical, mental and emotional health of every individual and to the general well-being of their community. Nightbank provides the conditions for the restorative nature of sleep. This power is enhanced by the knowledge that by sleeping you are directly improving conditions for a community somewhere else in the world.

6. What Initiatives does Nightbank support?

Nightbank believes local solutions from the civil society are essential to addressing local realities and to create positive change around complex global issues. Initiatives supported by Nightbank are developed when a community/citizens come/s together to discuss problems and find solutions. Its members deliberate on a specific goal which the Nightbank community can help generate funds for.

Nightbank supports community-led small-scale initiatives that contribute to:

1. Improve access to universal human rights.

2. Preserve healthy ecosystems and promote sustainable development.

3. Reduce poverty and suffering and promote equal oppurtunities.

Nightbank supports initiatives based on a bottom-up and inclusive approach which involves community engagement and voluntary work, providing an alternative oppurtunity to access direct funding for needed assets or services that can result in immediate positive impacts in the lives of people.

Examples of activities supported by Nightbank include: relief efforts led by citizen groups, rights-based advocacy campaigns, behavior change communication, environmental conservation and the development of community infrastructure and shared assets which support access to basic services such as water supply, sanitation, energy, health services or education.

Funds raised by Nightbank are directly donated for the implementation of non-profit initiatives. Nightbank does not provide micro-loans for business and profit activities.

7. Can Nightbank list my Initiative on the platform? 

Initiatives can be presented by a group of individuals from a community, a registered communtiy-based organization or a non-governmental organization. If you think your initiative might fit the Nightbank philosophy, please write to us and we will review it with you.

8. What does Nightbank require from the Initiatives it supports?

The Nightbank carefully screens and selects potential partners. By engaging in a relationship with the Nightbank, those leading the initiative commit to:
a) use the funds raised through the Nightbank site exclusively for the purpose of the agreed Initiative.
b) be transparent and accountable to the Nightbank community by reporting on the use of the funds, including the presentation of financial statements and expenditure documents.
c) provide updates to Nightbank users on the progress of the Initiative, including documentation of the milestones reached until its completion.
d) support fundraising for the initiative by diffusing Nightbank site to supporters and friends.

9. How do I invest my Space in an Initiative?

Every user has the option to connect their sleeping space to one of the initiatives listed on the site and to determine the donation amount for the use of that space (50%-100%). To contribute your sleeping space and offer its use to other Nightbankers, login into your account and select 'manage your spaces' from the account submenu. You can add information of your space, set its night rate, and choose the Initiative to invest in. Your space will then be listed on the Spaces section of the site and Nightbankers will contact you to use it. We encourage Spacers to respond to every request they receive promptly - whether affirmatively or negatively - so that the site becomes an effective way for its users to make their plans.

10. Can I make a direct donation to an initiative?

Yes you can. On every initiative page, there is a DONATE button that provides access to secure online payment by credit card.

11. How do I see what happens to the funds raised?

The current funding status of each Initiative is continously updated on the site. Once the Initiative has been fully funded, the funds are transferred to the Initiative leaders to begin their project. Each Initiative is commited to transparency and accountability in the use of generated funds and to the documention of their progress. The Results section of the Nightbank site displays both the overall activity of the Nightbank network and the day-to-day progress of the different Initiatives. Narrative reports, financial reports and visual documents are uploaded on the Initiative page and accessible by Nightbank registred users.

12. How do I find a place to sleep on the Nightbank site? 

There are two ways to find a place to sleep: first, a user can go directly to the Spaces section of the site and use the search bar or filter options to show spaces that fit their criteria. Second, a user can go to the page of an Initiative and check which Spaces are investing in that specific initiative. Both ways -  motivated by the need to sleep somewhere in particular or by the desire to support a particular initiative - lead to the Space page where a sleep offer can be sent to the Space contributor. Please note, the Spacer retains the right to accept or reject any sleep offer based on their own needs and schedule.   

13. What do I get out of sleeping at a Nightbank space? 

Staying at a Nightbank space gives both spacer and sleeper the feeling that one grows together a larger project. Sometimes it also gives the oppurtunity to get involved with an intiative. 

14. How do I make a payment? 

Online payments on Nightbank are made via the secure online payment system provided by the company stripe.

15. Can I cancel my sleep offer? 

We encourage Nightbankers to only accept offers for their sleeping space if they can really provide it at the indicated time. In case their space becomes unavailable, we except the Spacer to cancel in a timely manner, so the Sleeper can make alternate plans. In case the Spacer is not present and the Space is not provided, the Sleeper will get his refund. 

16. Is the Nightbank safe?

The Night Bank relies on the goodwill and hospitality of its users. However, if there is a safety-related incident we ask you to immediately inform local authorities. Please report all such incidents to

17. Is my data protected? 

We do not share any data with any third-party provider. The only external service we use is the open-street map and the online payment. Please visit our Privacy Policy.

18. How much does Nightbank charge?

For direct donations: Nightbank charges 2.5 % of each donation (Transaction costs).

For the booking of spaces: Nightbank charges 10 % of each donation.

We are legally binded to take from each transaction:

1.2% (+ 0.25 cent) per transaction for our online payment sytem

up to 5% per transaction for city taxes

we retain the remainder to cover the running costs of the Nightbank network.

19. Do I have insurance on nightbank? 

Any Spacer who does not have home insurance covering the accommodation where the travelers are hosted is strongly advised to subscribe to insurance before contracting an exchange in order to cover any unforeseeable events. Please review any insurance policy that you may have for your accommodation carefully, and make sure that you understand any exclusions to, and any deductibles that may apply for, such insurance policy, including, but not limited to, whether or not your insurance policy will cover the actions or inactions of or relating to travelers (and the individuals the traveler invites to the accommodation, if applicable) while at your Accommodation.

20. I have concerns about your Terms of Service/Privacy Policy/Cookies Policy.

If you have any questions please contact us and help us improve the Nightbank. The privacy of all members of the Nightbank community is very important to us and we welcome your input, concerns, suggestions and criticism.


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21. Why does the Nightbank have the legal form of a gUG? 

Nightbank aims to expand users, Spaces and Initiatives in different parts of the world. It is a combination of a technological startup and non-governmental development organisation. For these reasons we chose the gUG as the appropriate legal form as this allows us to operate more efficiently, and provides stability for the managerial decision making process.