Help build the Nightbank Community

At the heart of Nightbank stands its community. Here is what you can do to help build a broader community:

If you have 5min – 1h:

1. Subscribe to the newsletter.
To stay up to date and learn about the latest promotions, subscribe to our newsletter. Here you will receive the latest news and learn more about current initiatives and spaces.

2. Become a Fan on the Nightbank Facebook Page and invite your friends to our facebook channel via the ‚Invite Friends’ button.

3. Invite your friends to the Nightbank site via the 'Invite Friends' button on the menu section the site.

If you have 1-5h:

Surf the Nightbank site, write down your opinion and send us your feedback regarding your Nightbank experience.

If you have several evenings free:

Plan and host a Nightbank fundraising event to help spread the word and support an initiative. Get in touch with us! We are ready to support you and connect you to other Nightbankers in your city.

If you are an artist:

We always need small comics, postcards and posters for our campaigns. If you want to draw or paint one for us - please get in touch with us and help building a campaign for an initiative.

If you are a translator:

We want to translate the Nightbank into as many languages as possible. Get in touch and we send you the files to translate into your native language. Currently we are looking for translations into: Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese and Swedish.